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We, Kejser & Sultan, are a design studio and production company based in Copenhagen. The studio and the workshop work closely together which means we can experiment, draw and produce custom solutions without hesitation. We have the capacity to work in a scale ranging from small unique pieces to larger interior projects.

We are deeply rooted in the tradition of Danish design and joinery and we love being part of maintaining and developing the knowledge that is the fundament of the craft. We absolutely adore handcrafted quality and sustainable local materials.

Having a close relation with our clients is one of our greatest values. Many of our designs evolve through communication with clients and much inspiration is gathered through the insights they provide regarding their specific needs.

Kejser & Sultan also runs The Sultanate, which is a coworking space for creatives. The Sultanate is a powerhouse of conceptual ideation and refinement of the Nordic aesthetics. The members of The Sultanate range from graphic designers, product and lighting designers to landscape architects. This means we can do a broad spectrum of tasks in house.

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